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We believe in people over platform

Which is why we have set forth four pillars that guide us in creating a healthy and thriving workplace.


Success is not the key to happiness, but happiness is the key to success.
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Fostering a hybrid workplace

We believe that nurturing a hybrid workplace increases both productivity and mental health. Therefore, we support flexible workstyles and encourage our employees to find the best work environment for their needs.
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Promoting balance

In offering adaptable settings to match the modern workplace, we have built a culture that supports our international workforce. This allows our employees to find better balance in their work and personal life, while still being a part of the larger company culture.


Learning is not just a focus for our customers; it is how we grow and develop as a company.
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Advance position

We believe that a clear career path spikes motivation, if you are eager to learn and get more responsibilities. We are ambitious, and want you to be ambitious about your own learning and development aswell.
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Encouraging lane switches

"Want to move from marketing to sales? Sure, no problem, le's have a talk about it".
Not all career paths are linear, and in the spirit of flexibility, we encourage employees to choose their own career journey based on their skills and aspirations.
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Upskilling and reskilling supported

The modern workplace requires a level of agility and development to stay current with the rapidly changing world. We encourage personal and professional skill building for all employees to stay competitive in the workspace and beyond.

Cross-cultural communication.

We hire brilliant people all over the world which requires focused, intercultural communication.
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Centering the culture

We recognize that success in a global marketplace requires a deep understanding of the local market and culture. We work to build strong relationships and understanding with out customers, partners, and stakeholders in each company location.
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Working across boundaries

Being global also means having a diverse organization, which makes working more dynamic as well as more intentional. Employees are prepared and supported in working across different time zones, languages and work styles.
Cross-cultural communication

Social responsibility.

Our focus is on bringing learning to the wider world.
Social responsibility
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Paying it forward

We have a mission to expand our reach beyond our own company. Here are just a few of the external initiatives we support:
  • Girls Who Code
  • Microsoft Partner Pledge
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Learning and working like you

We want to be the global leader within Learning Management System providers, and we know we can only do that by taking care of the incredible talent we have. Our ambition is to become one of the greatest places to work and develop, both personally and professionally.
Our mission statement is simple. We strive to create an environment where employees feel connected to the organization, where they can grow and learn every day, as learning is the core of what we do. Actions speak louder than words, therefore treating our employees with respect and appreciation is our number one priority.
Zahra Khiare, Head of Global People & Culture

Don't take our word for it

We have asked some of our peers about thwat they think of working at LMS365. Hear some of the feedback received from our colleagues all around the world!
We have a bold promise to empower people around the world to #LearnLikeYou. We are thrilled to put forth this vision and continue our journey as a leading learning platform that helps employees learn in their own flow of work.
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Senior Systems Analyst

Aarhus, Denmark 
IT Security, Operations, & Compliance

Financial Coordinator

Aarhus C, Denmark 
Finance & Administration

Business Analyst and Financial Business Partner

Charlottenlund, Denmark 
Finance & Administration

Marketing Manager Weekly10

Wrexham, United Kingdom 
Marketing & Communication
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